The Team

Nick – The Owner of the Best English Pub in Bangkok


Welcome to Bangkok, I have been the owner of ‘The Pickled Liver’ for over 10 years now from it first opening in Soi 11 (Street 11) to its current location in Soi 7/1 (Street 7/1).  Actually most visitor don’t realise that the famous Hangover II movie was filmed in Soi 7/1. The Pickled Liver is a lively family orientated sports bar similar to the chain sports bars and pubs you will be familiar with such as Wetherspoons in the UK.

Our bar is very popular with international people who live and work in Bangkok and caters for all nationalities and ages.  The bar attracts lots of tourist and families also due to the relaxing atmosphere of the street and the ability to view the many lady and massage bars as a tourist/spectator without the usual hassle that the large attractions do.  Many couples and families stay at the hotels in the street and sample the many bars due to the relaxed atmosphere which mean it’s much less intimidating than the main crazy Bangkok areas.

Our staff and manager know Bangkok like their own backyard and can provide valuable information about Bangkok and its attraction to ensure you are not ‘ripped off’ and get the best information from a local that money can’t buy so please ask as many questions as possible.  Information is hard to come by in Thailand and Lonely Planet is rubbish when it comes to local knowledge so please come along and have a nice refreshing drink and enjoy international standards and service quality that is the best in Thailand.


Tanya – The Manager of the Best English Pub in Bangkok


I was born in Thailand and have lived in Bangkok for 15 years but have travelled to most of the better known global destinations for business and pleasure.  I love socialising in Bangkok and visiting the many venues this great city has to offer.  Bangkok is a very safe and exciting place to explore but with the perceived madness of the city and also the language barrier Bangkok can be a daunting prospect for even the most seasoned traveller or business person.

Bangkok is a strange but wonderful city if you are well versed in the place and culture.  This aside the city basically relies on very basic communication and word of mouth to deliver entertainment services with websites still in their infancy. I get bored of seeing poorly trained Thai staff delivering below standard services and information hence the reason why I joined The Pickled Liver.

The Pickled Liver is not just a bar but a social meeting place for tourists and locals alike.  The patrons who visit our bar are classed as family and we do everything in our power to ensure they are safe and secure and provided with the levels of service and information that is expected from an international bar.  I hope you can visit in the near future and I’m sure you will be very impressed with our bar and services and return again and again.